We’ve had a great response so far to this project with lots of people signing up to participate. So what have we done so far?



Greg in full demo mode.

Adobe Event – February

The event in February went really well and had a great turnout from staff. Representatives from Adobe joined us to deliver 2 days of workshops for staff. The showed apps like Slate, Voice and Post and some extremely cool advanced features.  If you’d like to learn more about Adobe products follow Greg on twitter @greghodgson.



Creating a 3D model of Marcus.

Sign up

Staff who have are interested in participating in the project have been signing up and over the next week will receive their free creative cloud licence. We only ask that any work created as part of the project will be released as creative commons and made available on our website.

Workshop – 13th April 2016

We had a few staff who weren’t able to attend the event in February so we will be holding a workshop in April to demonstrate apps like Slate, Voice and Post and Comp. We’ll also be thinking about what staff will be doing for their projects.


I can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with. I’ll keep you all posted. Kerry.